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As the skin ages and the sun wreaks its havoc, lines and wrinkles appear, and age spots surface. Target these imperfections with the latest technology offered at Clean Slate Arizona. MedLite C6 is a non-ablative laser that uses PhotoAcoustic Technology energy to stimulate collagen and reduce pore size, plus diminish wrinkles and acne scars. Quick full-face treatment options with no downtime and minimal discomfort allow you to return immediately to your daily activities.

How does the treatment work?

The MedLite C6 features an advanced technology that safely and gently penetrates the skin to stimulate new collagen. The result is a smoother texture and a reduction in wrinkles and acne scars.

Is the procedure safe?
When used by experienced practitioners, lasers are extremely safe. The energy is very selective and targets only the collagen fibers or pigment. Advanced lasers that use PhotoAcoustic energy can treat all skin colors safely – including darker and tanned skin.

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PHONE (480) 326-4580